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Ornamental Grass File
Horsetail Grass
Equisetum hymale
Height:   3'
Width:   12" - spreading
Exposure:   Sun or filtered sun
Water:   Wet or moist is preferred
Hardiness:   USDA Zones 3-11
Pruning:   None necessary

Horsetail Grass, or 'Scouring Rush' as it is also referred to, is a spreading, reed-like perennial to 3 feet tall. The evergreen stems are cylindrical, about 1/3 inch in diameter, jointed, hollow, usually unbranched, and have rough longitudinal ridges.The tiny leaves are joined together around the stem, forming a narrow black-green band or sheath at each joint. The plant does not produce flowers or seeds. Instead it develops an attractive brown, cone-shaped, spore-producing strobilus at the tip of the stems.

Horsetail Grass is often grown in Japanese-style gardens, at the edge of ponds and in the margins of ornamental water gardens. We plant it in boggy areas of the landscape, along with other plants that like the same conditions such as Yellow Flag Iris , where it will spread to fill these areas up and exclude weed growth. Though it prefers damp soils, Horsetail Grass can also be grown in dry soils.

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