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Groundcover File
Juniper - Groundcovers
Below: 'Bar Harbor' 6" H x 6' W
Below: 'Blue Pacific' 12" h x 6'+ W
Below: 'Blue Rug' 4-6" H x 6' W
Below: 'Parsonii' 18" H x 6' W
Below: 'Green Mound' 8" H x 6' W
Below: 'Green Sargent' 18" H x 6' W
Height:   4-24"
Width:   3-6'+
Exposure:   Sun
Water:   Low once established
Hardiness:   USDA Zones
Pruning:   No pruning necessary. Tips of the plants may be pruned for the first two or three seasons to induce a denser branching system or to maintain horizontal growth.


Groundcover Junipers are an excellent, woody, evergreen ground covers that grow 6 inches to 2 feet tall, depending on the variety. They are vigorous growers capable of covering a large area. The leaves are needle or fan shaped and green or blue-green in color. The foliage of some varieties frequently turns a purple or slate color in the winter. Junipers are an important element in the landscape because they add a unique texture all their own that combines well with other plants.

Creeping Juniper withstands hot, dry situations and prefers full sun. Junipers do not like wet feet so we always plant them in well-drained soil.

Junipers are an excellent plant for slopes and banks. The plants may be improved by clipping the ends of main branches for two or three seasons after planting to induce a dense branching system.

'Bar Harbor' is one of our personal favorites for use on slopes or as a border in beds. We've found that it grows evenly in all directions even when planted on an incline. Foliage is blue-green and takes on a plum color tint in winter. Fast growing.

'Blue Pacific' is a juniper we only plant on large slopes. This plant is a great erosion controller and will spread up to 12' in width. The blue foliage is needle-like. Fast growing.

'Blue Rug' is the lowest growing juniper we plant. We use it as a groundcover in foundation plantings or to underplant small trees such as laceleaf Japaneses maples and crape myrtle to name a few. The blue foliage forms a low mat. Slower growing than others but still a moderately fast growth rate.

'Parsonii' is a juniper we use as a border or as a groundcover on slopes. The foliage is dark blue-green and the branches reach out from the mound.

'Green Mound' juniper is attractive in that its light blue-green foliage mounds from the center of the plant trailing to ground level. We plant this juniper on small embankments or use it to underplant Japanese maples and or other small trees.

'Green Sargent' is a juniper we use as a groundcover on slopes or a border in beds. The foliage is dark green and the habit is mounding. A relatively fast growing plant.

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