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Tree File
Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia indica
Below: 'Natchez' White (Our favorite) 20-25' H x 10-12' W
Below: 'Muskogee' Lavender......... 20-25' H x 10-12' W
Below: 'Dynamite' (True Red)........ 15-20' H x 10' W
Below: 'Catawba' (Purple)............. 10-12' H x 8' W
Below: 'Sioux' (Pink) 10-12' H x 8' W
Below: 'Tonto' (Fuschia-Red).......... 8-10' H x 6-8' W
Below: 'Acoma' (White) 10' H x 10' W - pendulous habit
Height:   10-25' depending on variety
Width:   6-12' depending on variety
Exposure:   Sun
Water:   Low once established
Hardiness:   USDA Zones 7-9
Pruning:   Prune annually in late winter

When was the last time you saw a dead crape myrtle? It's amazing, isn't it? In our 25 years of experience in the field of horticulture we've yet to see a dead crape myrtle. When we consider the durability and outstanding beauty of the crape myrtle we will have discovered the reason why some gardeners and horticulturists consider it to be the flowering tree of the South.

Very few trees compare with the flower color and longevity of bloom period as the crape myrtle - and all at a time of year when it's blazing hot in the South. But the blooms aren't all. Many crape myrtle stems are also attractively adorned with a unique exfoliating (shedding) bark displaying patches of gray, white, and rust to cinnamon brown underbark.

Crape myrtle grows in a wide range of soil types but prefers a well- drained site. We plant them in full sun for best performance. Some shade will be tolerated, but flowering will likely be reduced.

Crape myrtle is very versatile and easy to grow. Maintenance requirements are few and include moderate fertilization and once-a-year pruning. That's just about all that is necessary to keep crape myrtle looking good.

The list of crape myrtle cultivars to choose from is a long one and ever-growing. Flower colors include white and various shades , pink, lavender, red and purple. Days in flower range from 75 to 110 depending on the type selected.

The 'Fauriei Hybrids' (with the native American Indian tribal names) are consdiered to be the best as they are powdery mildew resistant.

Shown left are our favorite crape myrtles. One or more of these varieties can be found in almost every landscape design we draw.

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